Citizenship quiz / test

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A free Citizenship test based on current Immigration Citizenship law.

passing score is 15 out of 20 questions, lets go !

In the 1960s, Quebec experienced an era of rapid change. What is this called?
What do you call a law before it is passed?
Fatima is a new immigrant in Canada. What law allows her to take a job at par with a man?
One third of all Canadians live in which province?
In which region do more than half the people in Canada live?
Canada has three territories and how many provinces?
Name all the federal political parties in the House of Commons and their leaders
What was the "Underground Railroad"?
Who is the Queen's representative in Canada?
Which region of Canada is known for both its fertile agricultural land and valuable energy resources?
Who are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada?
What are some examples of taking responsibility for yourself and your family?
Why is trade with other countries important to Canada?
What did the Canadian Pacific Railway symbolize?
What did the Fathers of Confederation do?
A Member of Parliament from Montreal announces that she will spend her weekend in her electoral district. This means she would be:
Who has the right to run as a candidate in federal elections?
Which party is the Official Opposition at the federal level?
Give the first two lines of Canada's national anthem?
What is the role of the courts in Canada?
Citizenship Quiz / Test
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