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A free Citizenship test based on current Immigration Citizenship law.

passing score is 15 out of 20 questions, lets go !

In Canada's justice system what does "presumption of innocence" mean?
What is the name of the Prime Minister of Canada and his/her party?
What should you do if you do not receive a voter information card telling you when and where to vote?
Which province is the only officially bilingual province?
Which party is the Official Opposition at the federal level?
Who led Quebec into Confederation?
Approximately how many Canadians served in the First World War?
Who do Members of Parliament represent?
In which region do more than half the people in Canada live?
On what date did Nunavut become a territory?
What are some examples of taking responsibility for yourself and your family?
How is the Prime Minister chosen?
What are the three main types of industry in Canada?
Name two responsibilities of the provincial and territorial government.
What three oceans border Canada?
The Canadian Coat of Arms and motto is "A Mari Usque Ad Mare." This means:
Name all the federal political parties in the House of Commons and their leaders
What is the capital city of Canada?
10. How are Members of Parliament chosen?
Who has the right to run as a candidate in federal elections?
Citizenship Quiz / Test
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