Step 1 – Eligibility

To be eligible for a grant of Canadian citizenship, you must:

  • be a permanent resident of Canada, if your P.R card also expired soon, I recommend you applied to your P.R card first in case of long processing time for Canadian passport application which could cause delay your traveling abroad
  • have been physically in Canada for at least 1095 days in the 5 years immediately before you apply, you can apply for Citizenship even if you lived in Canada for 3 years and never left Canada during this 3 years
  • have filed personal income taxes for at least 3 years within the 5 year period, I recommend prepared for 5 years of N.O.C if you have stayed in Canada for 5 years
  • for age range from 18-54 (ex. A person age 53 years and 11 month old, you will be asked to take the English test), IRCC asked to demonstrate adequate knowledge of English or French, equivalently to CLB 4 or above ( find your CLB level Here )
  • not be under a removal order and not be inadmissible or prohibited on criminal or security grounds

Step 2 – Calculate how long you’ve been in Canada

Use the calculator to check that you meet the physical presence requirement for Canadian citizenship and print the results.

Please note that you can not use any other charts created by yourself other than this official tool provided by IRCC website. There is also a paper version form named CIT 0407, please choose whichever suitable for you. Personally, i recommend go with the online calculator.

Step 3 – Gather your documents

Now you can start gathering your documents by two categories:

Part 1, Mandatory Documents:

  • Document Checklist (CIT 0007) , you can handwriting any reasons for those missing document on that list
  • Application Form ( CIT 0002) , Fully signed and completed. Mark N/A for those questions not applicable for you
  • Colorful Photocopies of your passports in the last 5 years, you do not want to save money at this point
  • Photocopy of personal identification, at least 2 IDs, ex your P.R card, landing paper, D.L,
  • Two identical citizenship photos ( Please read Citizenship photo instruction carefully, and consider measure the head on your photo with a ruler since IRCC DO return the whole application package back to the applicant if the size are not correct )
  • Receipt of paid application fee, $630.00 per adult, Minor (under 18) pay $100. I do not want to copy & paste links of any payment, please find it on IRCC website
  • Translation of any documents that are not in English/French,ex. stamps on passports, birth certificate, etc.
  • Original police certificate if you lived in one country and accumulated up to 183 days in the last 4 years, Canadian police certificate is not necessary
  • for age between 18-54 years old, English / French test result from a third party, IELTS exam for example or a Degree / Diploma / Certificate from a Canadian university / college / institution that shows you successfully completed the program and get a transcript as well. Language school count, for example , in B.C , ELSA class.
  • Use of Representative IMM 5476 if you hired a service from a ICCRC member or even a family members who helped you, need to fill out this form

Part 2,  Supporting Documents, not necessary but recommended:

  • Notice of Assessment from C.R.A or your accountant for the last 5 years, your application could be delayed for not providing these documents, because the officer will check your last 5 years of NOA by himself, and it take times
  • Any documents that shows your physically present Canada during the last 5 years : your medical record, employment letter, school enrollment letter, reference letter from your friends etc. Any document you provided to IRCC has to be clear, accurate and traceable

Step 4 – After all that

So, after finished all the forms and mailed the completed package to IRCC you can wait until they inform ( send you email in most cases ) you the acknowledge of receipt, and issue you a file number. Then take the test scheduled by IRCC. If you passed the test, you will also be notified by email or mail to go to a ceremony and take the oath.

Lastly, congratulations, you are a proud Canadian now! And you can apply for a Canadian passport ( separate application from citizenship) and start traveling the world.

Please feel free to leave any comments below Or email me at and I will try to address all the issues.


Last Updates on 2017-12-14

By Deron W.

Member of ICCRC, R511771